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Managing Director of Research Dissemination


Falon joined the team in August 2017 as the Project Manager for CARE. She currently serves as the Managing Director for Research Dissemination and as Project Manager for the team’s flagship Go NAPSACC program. She holds a Doctorate in Exercise Science from the Arnold School of Public Health at the University of South Carolina. Falon’s work focuses on the development and dissemination of evidence-based health practices for the Early Care and Education programs across the nation and assisting in the development of grants and projects that promote the health and wellbeing of individuals across the lifespan. Her research interest includes exploring the role that nutrition and physical activity policies and initiatives play in organizational change and their ensuing impact on the landscape across community-based programs. Additionally, she is interested in community engaged research and forming sustainable, equitable partnerships with providers and professionals in the Early Care and Education setting.

Projects: Caring and Reaching for Health (CARE), Go NAPSACC

In her free time, Falon enjoys spending time outdoors, dreaming or tornado chasing, and she currently into reading post-apocalyptic thrillers.