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Managing Coordinator of Research 

Regan joined the CHWR team in 2014 and is the Managing Coordinator of Research. She is also currently the Project Manager for the Go NAPSACC Kentucky Dissemination and Implementation project and the Go NAPSACC Cares project. Another part of her job is working with undergraduate students. These are a mix of work study students and students from the Nutrition Department interested in gaining research experience. She holds a Doctorate in Human Development and Family Studies from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Her work with CHWR continues Regan’s longstanding commitment to researching child behavior and development.

Projects: Keys, Healthy Me, Healthy We, Go NAPSACC Kentucky Dissemination and Implementation, Go NAPSACC Cares

In her free time Regan likes to read, bake yummy treats, and walk on a nearby greenway.