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PURPOSE:  The HomeSTEAD study created a self-administered measure of the home environment that provided evidence for the reliability and validity of a self-administered measure in a diverse sample of families. Moreover, the new instrument was intended to be a resource for researchers and professionals who seek to understand the complex interactions between environmental influences in the home and children’s nutrition and physical activity behaviors.

Family Happiness Activity Concept

This project created and tested a self-administered questionnaire to measure home environmental factors hypothesized to impact nutrition and physical activity of children ages 3-12 years. We selected, developed, and compiled items into a self-administered instrument using data from preliminary studies, existing items and instruments such as the Healthy Home Survey, which is a telephone-administered survey designed to assess a broad range of physical and social environmental factors in the home environment.  We also used data from current literature, expert opinion, and existing conceptual frameworks.  Cognitive Interviewing with 60 families from four different North Carolina counties was used to improve questionnaire development.


National Cancer Institute at the National Institutes of Health – CA134986


Amber Vaughn, MPH, RD – Project Manager


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